Donervan defiant amid rumours of uni eviction plot

Uni bosses have no authority over the kebab legend


Donervan to be Doner-banned?

First Blurred Lines, now this


Bouncer punches Pam Pam’s party-goer in the face

Science student spends the night in jail after the incident


These are the people who go to Carnage in Bristol

Don’t worry, it’s just as rubbish as you imagine it to be


Hundreds disappointed as ski trip sells out in five hours

But at least it wasn’t as stressful as last year


Hero warden makes sure freshers aren’t buying bad MD

‘Don’t buy any drugs from the man outside Basement 45′


Dodgy ‘MDMA’ lands three students in hospital

Rogue dealer lied to students about what was in his baggie


Masked men smash up Clifton jewellers in broad daylight raid

And a sociology student got it all on camera


Lord of the animals Sir David Attenborough opens new building

It was like watching Planet Earth but without all the good bits


Topless ‘Free Nipple’ protesters don’t even get their nipples out

This article contains boobs


Your houses are a ‘burglar’s dream,’ cops warn

Hide your kids, hide your wife


Yet another league table ‘proves’ Bristol is just the worst

The Times decided to rank us below Surrey, Loughborough and Southampton

Hiatt Baker Construction 1

Finished? Warden claims building site Hiatt Baker is ready for move-in day

With less than twenty-four hours until students arrive, Hiatt Baker is still crawling with builders

Making friends in Freshers' Week is expensive

Freshers will spend over £1million in their first week at uni

£49,140 of that is splashed on kebabs

Durdham can have this effect on people

Freshers forced to share rooms after university accepts too many students

Around 170 students have been told they will be sleeping on bunk beds, potentially until Christmas

This will be welcome news to anyone who's a fan of an empty dancefloor

We just bought Pam Pam

Bristol Uni buys Beacon House, home of Pam Pam, to use as a study space and cafe for students.

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