‘I shat my pants because there was an inch or so of water’

Residents of Hiatt Baker B Block were forced to abandon ship last week when one floor was completely flooded — for the second time this year.

Disaster struck when the water was turned off to carry out essential works on a major leak in the water mains.

During the water outage, one fresher turned on the tap in the kitchen and discovered there was no water but failed to switch it off.

When the water eventually came back on a Noah’s Ark-magnitude flood cascaded down the corridors of Hiatt Baker.


Outraged freshers had to leave their damaged possessions as they were evacuated to other areas of the halls.

Hiatt Baker has refused to reimburse rotten food in the fridges as the flood was cleaned up.

Some freshers have been relocated for over a week.

First year geographer Mike Hollingshead, whose room was opposite the kitchen said: “I was in Dartmoor when my friend called me telling me my room had been completely flooded.

“At first I thought it was a piss-take, telling them to fuck off and all the rest of it, although it was a pretty convincingly told prank.

“Then I received some snapchats and shat my pants because there was an inch or so of water.

“Apparently people were just walking barefoot in the water, even though the electrics hadn’t been switched off.

“Nothing of mine got ruined luckily, but my room’s a tip because all my belongings had been put on a surface.

“I expected to wade in needing swimming trunks. We got emails about dehumidifiers which are usually used for huge warehouses.”

Someone didn't get the memo

Someone didn’t get the memo

Dehumidifiers were used in the clear-up operation

Dehumidifiers were used in the clear-up operation

To rub salty water into the wounds, this is not the first time Hiatt Baker has been flooded.

Last year, a four inch deluge of water inundated the halls when a fresher left his tap on during repair work.

  • Ollie Dodge

    Second year in a row that this has happened. Last year it was my fault.