I actually study Biochemistry

Everyone’s always saying arts students have it easy, that they never have to go to lectures and can laze around all day. But is that actually any fun?

I decided to swap my normal routine of labs and a full day in uni for the life of an arts student: camped in front of the telly doing fuck all.

Will I be driven mad by the endless parade of crap daytime TV? Only one way to find out.

Are you also living like an Arts student for the day? Or maybe you think this is a horrendous misrepresentation of all the reading you have to do for your degree? Share your thoughts with Alice by tweeting @AliceHilborn

18.10 It seems strangely appropriate to be ending my day watching Pointless. A quiz show that celebrates holding the broadest of knowledge. Ultimately, though this article was in jest, it has raised a reaction in many students and I apologise to them if they were offended. That was and would never be my intention. If this experience has taught me anything it’s that society needs both students from the arts and sciences for politics, the economy and industry to function. We can all learn from one another and a university that celebrates collaboration will be a better place. Everyone works to his or her own standard, some arts students may be lazy but so are many scientists. Your degree does not define your work ethic nor your worth.

Now, time to turn the telly off and never watch ANY daytime TV again. It’s not been fun.

17.41 This round asks contestants to guess a historical figure from one clue and their initials. I need a history friend, who doesn’t hate me after this article, to come on Pointless with me. The only person I’ve known is Florence Nightingale.

17.28 Country without an I in it? Best I could get was Tuvalu with 1. Honestly, how did I not think of Nauru?

17.15 Pointless is about to start, legitimately my favourite show on TV. Considering I’m packing this live blog in at six, this might be the greatest end I could have hoped for.

16.38 Anyway, back to the point of this whole live blog…Can I just go on Come Dine With Me for the meals without actually having to cook any food myself?

16.36 Well, that and the fact that although arts students may have less hours at uni, nobody could watch this much TV without wanting to do some work instead! And obviously I know that arts students have lots of reading and essays to do and they take up a lot of time (though thanks for pointing that out to me over and over again on Twitter). There will always be a bit of tension between the science and the arts but in the end very few people are capable of doing both and they’re both equally valuable to society. More so than most of the crap I’ve watched today anyway.

16.33 If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that nobody should be subjected to twelve hours of daytime TV ever again.

16.25 When this is done I’m celebrating by going back to sleep. And then catching up on all the uni work I should have been doing today instead of this.

16.21 After ten hours, a mug of tea is required for the final push.


Nearly there now…


16.07 Back to cookery shows and Come Dine With Me. I think Dave Lamb is my sarcastic hero.

15.47 My friend who does engineering literally just said “I should’ve become an arts student. I’m incredibly good at bullshtting”

15.36 This is 100 per cent my favourite tweet ever.

15.22 We’re on to Deal or No Deal. My favourite type of game show is definitely one which requires no skill and allows you to always win at least some money.

14.57 Elizabeth’s Twitter bio is “Drink more, care less”. Think she needs to take her own advice.

14.49 Whoop! Just got a three on Countdown, clearly it’s a sign I should actually switch to an arts degree

14.39 Some arts students think I’m being a bit harsh on them. They’ve still got enough time to tweet me though…

14.33 Still watching Dinner Date. Is it sad that given my timetable my best chance of getting a date will be to go on this show?

14.18 My online fan base is beginning to get a bit odd…

14.03 I’ve been inspired by the work of the chefs on dinner date to cook up my own feast.

11007693_10206304150626042_646959879_n (1)

Never get a fry up at uni

13.36 My housemates have come back for lunch and started working. Now I understand the sick pleasure arts students enjoy when observing engineers.

961752_10206304000902299_1689355820_n (1)


13.05 They’re debating on Loose Women about knock-off designer clothes. Don’t know what the issue is, I only shop at Primani anyway.

13.02 Does anyone below 40 watch Loose Women? Or are the girls reading English studying for their future careers?

12.48 I wonder if all this antiques knowledge will help me scavenge a priceless antique from Wills. Probably not, time to change the channel for a bit of Loose Women I think.

12.36 Feeling for my fellow biochemists currently in their metabolism lectures.

None of this for me today

None of this for me today

12.29 When it came to picking an outfit for the day, Joggers seemed like the only appropriate option for an arts student.

Never this comfy when I'm in labs

Never this comfy when I’m in labs

12.25 I think some of the wavey English students are getting their style inspiration from Tim Wonnacott from Bargain Hunt.


Anyone got a spare Motion ticket?

11.47 Are all arts students gastronomers? All the cooking on This Morning is putting the fact that I’ve only eaten cereal for the last 2 days to shame.

11:19 Just walked in on the cleaner and got an earful about how gross we all are, I think I preferred it when I had lectures and would just come home to a passive-aggressive note at the end of the day.

11:11 I think I’m getting most of these symptoms from my hangover.

11:08 Some nice scare-mongering on This Morning for all the hypochondriacs out there. Turns out a tummy ache could mean you have Crohn’s disease…That’s a partly genetic, incurable inflammatory bowel disease.

11:04 This Morning have a frightening feature on the digestive system at the moment. They’ve illustrated it by drawing on a model.


What on earth is going on here?

10:39 “This material girl had a bit too much material.” Oh Eamonn Holmes, when’s the stand up tour?

10:29 Do arts students love Jeremy Kyle so much because it gives them an insight into their future?

10:08 Is it bad that I just looked up how to get tickets to be in the audience for Jeremy Kyle?

9:28 Main story on Jeremy Kyle “I slept with two men in two weeks…which one of them is the dad?” I would seriously change to an arts degree to watch more of this TV gold.

9:23 They just showed a preview of Jeremy Kyle. I think a little bit of wee came out. 

9:21 Blue are on Lorraine? I didn’t even know they still existed. 

9:08 How did I ever get up for 9am lectures?


Bed – my new and only friend


8:52 Do all arts students know sign language as a result of watching so much daytime TV? I feel like after today I might be halfway there.

8:41 The idea walking up St Michael’s Hill right now like I normally would is filling me with dread. Now I see the appeal of 7 hours of lectures a week.

8:31 Just started watching Wanted Down Under. Is this just a prolonged advert for Australia’s tourist board?

8:26 It would seem Kanye West cannot escape controversy after his BRITs performance and the Grammy’s. You’d think he was doing it on purpose. Maybe for publicity? I don’t know, just a thought.

8:17 I would be up by now on normal day, as a pseudo-arts student I haven’t even left bed yet.

8:15 I’m not even going to lie I’m definitely most excited for Jeremy Kyle today.

8:00 They’re showing the trailer for Frozen 2, I imagine arts students are positively salivating at the thought of another feminist phenomenon to rival the first.

7:30 I’m going to enter every competition I see on TV today, surely I can win something? After all this must be the main source of income for arts students after they graduate.



7:22 Seriously more Madonna? I can see the presenters holding in the laughter. “I’ve already watched this 20 times today”, yeah I bet you have.

7:45 Watching the presenters on Good Morning Britain squirm over trying to work out a percentage discount. They should try some thermodynamics next time.

7:18 After Breakfast had repeated their newsreel five time, I’ve decided to switch to Good Morning Britain and it’s on an ad break. This is why no one watches you ITV.

7:17 Just watched an advert for a magazine called OMG! This can’t be a real thing.

7:11 I think they’re just repeating the Madonna clip for the lols now.

7:00 One hour down, 11 to go.

6:57 Did BBC Breakfast seriously just think asking what the green pigments in plants are was a difficult question? Try learning about how chlorophyll utilises oton energy, then come talk to me about difficult.


6:53 Not impressed by the main story about how biology is boring. Starting to think daytime TV is all a conspiracy against science by the arts students. If only we had time to watch it we would realise.

6:46 I wonder how many times I’ll watch the weather forecast today. Already on three. Any bets?

6:42 Russell Crowe’s bid to buy Leeds United has been shut down completely because Leeds say they’re not for sale.

6:39 They keep repeating clips of the Arsenal loss yesterday against Monaco. Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep.

6:37 Turns out energy drinks contain a shitload of sugar…who knew?

6:21 It’s going to be rainy and windy all day. If my life were a novel this would definitely be pathetic fallacy.

6:20 Like all good arts students I went out on a weekday. Yes, going out in the week for science students is a bit of a novelty. I am now desperately regretting that decision.

6:10 Just found out about Madonna’s fall yesterday, seems like just about the most interesting thing to happen at the BRITs for years.

6:02 Turns out breakfast only starts at 6. Proof this is way too early.

Photo on 26-02-2015 at 06.05

To be fair, most arts students are probably still asleep now but I can’t write while I’m asleep

6:00 Have decided that 6am was way too early to start this. Can’t imagine any self-respecting arts student being up before noon.

  • everyone

    Get out of your own arse

  • Angry arts student

    You would not be watching daytime television… If you were to do this properly you would spend the day reading mundane essays on your own and wondering why you are paying tuition fees given that you get no tuition.

    • D

      ^ This!

  • Amy

    do a real subject

  • wow

    I am an ‘Arts’ student as study French and German with Translation Studies. I have 10 hours of lectures a week, which I know is nothing compared to the hours that you have to put in, however, to say that we are all lazy and sit around doing nothing all day other than watching tv (Jeremy Kyle btw really? TV gold?) which is completely false. We all have work to do and it’s a shame that we don’t get as much for our money as you do. Quit while you’re ahead and don’t judge other peoples courses against your own as they are different for everyone. Not everyone will find English (as you’re targeting it) so easy that they can afford to not put in the extra work outside of uni, as with many other subjects. Well done for wasting your day and money by staying at home to write this stupid article.

  • BSc Student

    Literally the biggest pile of self righteous rubbish I’ve ever read. I’m guessing you don’t have any Arts students for friends, or at least you won’t once this is published.

  • you’re pathetic

    13.02 Does anyone below 40 watch Loose Women? Or are the girls reading English studying for their future careers? nnnnLmao!! Go fuck yourself!!!!!!!!

  • you’re pathetic

    If you were an arts student you’d be doing your set reading and essays you bell end


    Everyone is so mad in the comments!

  • J

    Maybe if you were an Arts student you’d know how to actually write an entertaining article. What a fucking waste of my life.

  • SeriouslyWhy

    For someone doing her degree only because she failed to get onto a medicine course, you seem to have a remarkably high opinion of yourself. Arts student here, for each of my 12 contact hours I do about 5 hours of reading, essay preparation etc. This is in addition to holding down 2 jobs as Mummy and Daddy can’t pay me to sit on my arse watching Jeremy Kyle all day.

  • Sasha

    You are so deluded that you think art students do nothing all do. There work is extremely time consuming and so they work ridiculously long hours. You really need to get over yourself.

  • Macca

    The fact you’ve had to inject itleast 3 comments about how difficult biology is/how know one gets it/how TV mocks it by asking simple questions about it actually makes you come across a d**k I did biology (and did very well at it) but I never felt the need to showcase the big words I had learnt that day, try being quietly confident for a change you may make more friends. PS a lot of my friends did art based courses and if they wasn’t spending hours upon hours painstakingly creating intricate works of art they were reading for their course so maybe you should have spent the day doing that instead of writing such a worthless piece of dribble you call an article.

  • Get a grip Alice you twat.

    First of all, Arts students do not sit around all day. I am in university every single day from 9am, and don’t leave until late at night. That is because I have so much work to do, and not all of the equipment to do it at home. Second of all I’d just like to point out that clearly you don’t have enough to do yourself since you’re doing this so don’t slate Arts students for not having work to do. And can I just point out that by doing this it is a clear cry for attention. You clearly don’t have many friends. It is pathetic.

  • Normal Mans

    6 am, r u dizzy fam?

  • ffffff

    I study biochemistry and I’ve never let it stop me from sitting around in my pants all day doing nothing

  • Katy P.

    Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?

  • What’s your name again?

    I’d say hi but I can’t even remember what you’re name is. Anyway, art students have lots of transferable skills, yes not many of them will make it into the industry in a big way…but at least they can say that they enjoy what they do and aren’t doing a subject just for the sake of going to university. Transferable skills and experience is what matter these days, not what is on paper. You need a rain check mate.

  • What’s your name again?

    Also, they don’t sit around all day. They are actively working in their industry alongside doing their course. So shut your ugly face and do some work yourself.

  • Rick Astley

    The exacerbation caused by such an article goes to show the extent to which students of literature and other such ‘art’ subjects lack BANTS. Expand your minds into the realms of satire and hyperbolic humour.

    How would one “get out of their own arse” without becoming incredibly BUTTHURT? That may be a question too deep for non-art students to analyse, as we ourselves are both morally and intellectually superior to all others. The people who comment on web articles seem to have intense irony deficiencies, can you not see they are intentionally aimed to annoy and even anger students who deep down know that they have made mistakes in their lives. Why are all of you ‘arts’ students free to make such comments in the middle of the day? Did your 1-hour seminar, in which you watched Harry Potter, end early?

  • nut

    a troll article by someone who has the face of a troll

  • biochem isnt even useful doe

    Another stupid article by a Science student who thinks that they are better than Arts students just because of contact hours. Despite being so superior and much more intelligent, you’re failing to realise that arts students spend a large proportion of their time reading, researching, and writing essays. A massive aspect of the worth of an Arts degree is the self-motivation and ability to undertake independent study which each student must have. So, why don’t you go back to your biochem degree if it is so important then?

    • JedRenegade

      As much as i disagree with your comments about science students, being an art student myself i find this is very true. I maintain a strict regime during my time studying Graphic Design in Leeds, I am extremely passionate about my degree and spend every day of my working week (and often weekends) exploring different ways of working and researching the methods of graphic designers in the industry today and those of yesteryear. It is through this self-motivation that I find my practice can evolve steadily and I can explore the world around me visually, undertaking projects that keep me very busy (and happy) for hours every day. It’s bad to attack and generalise entire communities of people, especially the arts as it seems we’re such an easy target. Lets hope her next article is a little less patronising, and god-willing, not for the Tab.

  • Max

    i do fuck all every day. I’m an arts student. I know plenty of other arts students that do the same. I haven’t read a book since i came to uni. I write in my load of spare time but also watch a load of shit television

  • fuck science

    you are a cunt

  • paul klee

    this would be alright if it was funny…………….. but it’s not funny

  • Liam

    Who really has more earning potential, a Tab ‘journalist’ who skips lectures or a hard working musician

    • A disillusioned music student

      Sorry to burst ya bubble Liam, but probably the former. Brutal I know, but the music market is totally saturated.
      Source: I study music.

  • Typical arts student

    Arts students are so much more than just lay abouts! They are the pinicle of social interlect and the source of the culture that you all take for granted.nOh and really shit at understanding irony or satire…

  • Urgh

    I expected this article to be pretty funny, but instead you come across as really pretentious…

  • Courtney

    Your arrogance is awful to read. You sound like some preppy middle school rah.

  • katieb

    From my point of view as a Photography student… it doesn’t matter how many hours you have a week or how much work you have, at the end of the day, it’s your OWN choice if you sit around all day wasting time etc, and any student can do that. Didn’t see any need for you to target Art students. Clearly you have been raised to look down on people that YOU think are less ‘important’. Please get off your high horse.

  • derp

    Biochem, failed to get onto a medicine course then lol

  • rich

    you presented a claim without any evidence or statistical analysis. Pretty shit scientist aren’t ya

  • Gabe

    Not one sentance in this article is true of an Art students degree, trust the so called ‘Academic’ Biochem student to shoot down creative intelligence by stereotyping those who do a full time degree for something they love that presents the least ammount of job opportunity at the end because the counrty they live in is slashing funding for the arts on a national scale.

  • Lucy

    This is a disgusting misrepresentation of the life of an arts student. You are incredibly condescending and narrow minded. I suggest you stick to biochemistry in the future, clearly this is not your forte.

  • laura m

    I dont think art students end up on jk, the usual jezza characters don’t even have gcse’s, nice generalisation though.. eurgh.

  • Charlie Parker

    I would love to see you do a Jazz degree at Leeds college of music! That is all…

    • JB

      Probably wouldnt take long to get in, it is only Leeds College after all…

  • Gaia Nichols

    Yeah art students do fuck all if they want to FAIL ON THEIR ASS. Yes I have days where I do nothing, followed shortly by a night of crying into mugs of coffee desperately trying to get the work together that I didn’t do. Oh but isn’t it nice to just draw stuff all day I hear you say? Well yes, I wouldn’t have taken it as a subject if I didn’t enjoy it, but you know what most of my time is taken up by? Writing things, reading things, researching things, planning things and going to “boring” lectures. Making a pretty picture is actually only a small part of what I have to do, and that in itself takes a lot of time and effort. More to the point, yes it might be something that brings me a lot of joy, but I also take my work seriously and have a lot of pride in what I do. So I know this is probably meant to be a joke post, but seriously, fuck you, and also a hearty fuck you to everyone who dose take it expecting it to be the easy option.

  • #AllTallShade

    Biochemistry? Were your grades not good enough to do medicine dear?

  • Jenn

    This is a waste of time. Also differentiating “your” from “you’re” — something you learn with an arts degree, I guess.

  • Third year sciences

    But… but… you’re a fresher?

    • georgia

      I may be a fresher but i work at uni from 9.30-4.30 five days a week. How narrow minded

  • no

    What a stupidly misinformed, ignorant article. Way to make possibly the most ridiculous generalisation I’ve ever read. The reason we have such low contact hours is because we’re expected to do a fucking lot outside of those hours, and believe me, we do. We rehearse, write, study, we do all sorts, and when we’re not doing that, we’re writing huge essays and presenting business plans. I’d much rather be doing a degree I loved with just as much chance of employability at the end of it than forcing myself to be miserable in a degree that might secure me a job I will probably hate anyways. Next time you want to make some stupid fucking joke about us being lazy, remember who writes your music, your books, and the daytime TV “gold” you seem to love so much. We’d be nowhere without the Arts.

  • H

    This article has nothing to do with an arts degree, it is just an article showing how the writer is an arrogant, judgemental, pretentious, cunt who thinks she is better than other people, what a horrible person.

  • boring

    Fuck me please do an arts degree before you write another article – maybe you’ll learn to be less mind numbingly dull. Literally couldn’t get through it.

  • Anon

    You ignorant son of a bitch.

    You clearly don’t know any arts students, at all, ever.

  • becky

    You are vile and wrong,
    Wish I did biochemestry. You only have to revise what your teacher tells you to, and this is only a few hours a day AND only for the run up to exams.

  • ema

    Can I apologise on the behalf of all those studying science (I study conservation biology)…the majority of us aren’t total assholes like this girl.
    If art students do spend most of their days in bed and still manage to get a degree…well then, I salute you!

  • bng

    the dress is blue and black

  • Matthew Oliver Mullins

    > how chlorophyll utilises oton energyn> utilises oton n> otonnnNice biology m8.

  • T

    Hope you fail your degree.

  • Not annoyed just impressed

    She actually had a pretty productive day. Pissing the majority of bristols arts students off in 12 hours is quite impressive. She should try fashion design in under an hour.

  • Pascale

    Apparently you failed to conduct any research whatsoever before creating this article. I’m an arts student, I do fine art and 7 days of the week I start my days work at 9.30 in the morning, even on Sunday’s and its a rare day that I stop before 11 at night. So your, very clear, message that arts students have nothing to do is completely wrong. nOn top of that there was another point you made that we won’t be employed after graduation. Please do some research on this topic.

  • AngryArtsStudent

    Seriously. Why does the tab even feel compelled to publish this?

  • Cecilia

    This article was more Pointless than Xander and Richard- and not nearly as entertaining.

    • Clive

      Gwarn Cessie!

      • Franklyn

        Ramona’s dead, get to the border Clive

    • Ramona

      holla holla Cess hold ma earrings

  • Ramona

    literally what the fuck nnnwere you born on a dirt floor you FUCKING piece of shit nnnalso why the hate on daytime tv? come dine, pointless and deal or no deal are works of art which you simply can’t knock

  • katie

    why does the time-line for your day begin at the end, so that if you want to waste your time reading your boring and poorly constructed article you have to scroll down first? I’m an arts student, evidently I’m too lazy for that shit.

    • katie

      ps you’re an idiot

  • K

    I am ashamed to call you a fellow science student. Ridiculing a discipline you have no idea about is embarrassing. Put it this way, I’m glad your degree is in BioChem so you can’t spout any more of this rubbish! Stick to the science, stay away from journalism. You’re too narrow minded. Honestly can’t stop laughing and you obviously had the time in your degree to write this shit! Ha. You should let people enjoy the degree that they choose. This article says a lot more about your future than theirs! From a very angry science student