There's nothing 'Standard' about this hat...

The sun’s out and you look foolish: It’s time to bin the beanie

Originally designed to protect our heads from intensely cold weather, the beanie is now being misappropriated by try-hard losers with dodgy lids


Monologues in lectures and meaningless hashtags: how to be a student activist

Want to fill your days with angry political screaming matches? Or just get in with the fist-shaking crowd?


You are 100 times more likely to get into Oxford if your name is Eleanor than if it is Jade

Study finds having a name like Shannon and Bradley makes you much less likely to go to Oxford.


Which Pokémon is your uni?

Would you see Beedrill buzzing around Bristol, or would Kanghaskan be kicking it at Kent? Could Meowth make it into Manchester, or could you see Sandshrew schweffing around Sheffield? We’ve got all the answers to life’s biggest question

Register NOW to ride giant Park Street water slide

Local artist turns Park Street into a f**k off water slide but you have to register to ride it


Ski style: Val Thorens 2014

Our fashion team decamped to the slopes to find Bristol best-dressed skiers

Will Jellis, pictured on the left, often supports feminist causes, identifying his single mother who is passionately feminist as a key influence in his life.

Can men REALLY be feminists?

Boys say leave the Lad Bible alone – it’s those scary man-hating feminists that put them off. They can’t be right, surely…


Meet Ben Allinson-Davies, the British student interrogated for his support of the Free Syrian Army

This is Ben, he’s a student and he’s embroiled in the Syrian conflict


QUIZ: Guess the celeb at uni

Can you name the celebrity from their uni pictures?


A girls’ night out – from a guy’s perspective

So here are the harsh realities of a girls night out

Two Bristol students practising safe sex. Photo: http://www.comicsonline.com/

Sex safer in Bristol than any other university

Rubber up and get down to Lizard Lounge – Bristol has the best sexual health services of any UK university.


Meet the Bristol student running the London Marathon in memory of his sister

Freddie Unwin, a second year Zoology student, spoke to The Tab before he runs the London Marathon on Sunday.


Students are more likely to vote Tory than any other party, and more would vote Green than Lib Dem

Most students care about politics but feel ignored by Westminster, a Tab survey has found


Confessions of a former student gambler

“I won £500 on the football and lost the betting slip in Crisis. I cried when I got home.”


Which Game of Thrones character is your uni?

Do you lash with the Lannisters, booze with the Baratheons or snort with the Starks? Season 1-3 spoilers, obvs


Too noisy, too drunk, too disrespectful: locals want students to stay out of Clifton

New student developments in Clifton are opposed by local residents